Gang Sheet Transfers


Experience unparalleled quality with our Gang Sheet Transfers, crafted using premium inks and materials for vibrant, durable prints on any garment. Our expert team reviews every order to ensure optimal printing, backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Note: Files must be 300 DPI and in sRGB for accurate colors.



Our Gang Sheet Transfers are crafted using the finest quality inks, film, and powder to ensure your designs pop with the brightest whites and most vivid colors, no matter the type, material, color, or stretchiness of your garment. We prioritize the durability and stretchability of our transfers, ensuring they withstand even the toughest wash tests.

Every order undergoes a meticulous review by one of our 70+ professional designers. This guarantees not only proper printing but also optimized results, especially if you provide specific instructions during checkout. We stand by our commitment to excellence with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely happy with your order, we will gladly reprint it for you.

To maintain the high quality of our prints, we require all files to be sized and uploaded in 300 DPI. For enhanced color accuracy, please save files in sRGB. If you have concerns about color matching, request our free color palette to better gauge how your colors will appear in print. It’s important to note that due to the differences between RGB monitors and CMYK printers, slight color variations may occur. We cannot be held responsible for pixelated artwork. Remember, do not mirror your artwork.

Please refer to our Upload Specs page for detailed requirements. Artwork that does not meet these standards will be printed as submitted, without eligibility for reprint or refund due to non-compliance with our guidelines. Trust in our expertise to bring your vision to life with unmatched clarity and vibrancy.

Additional information

Additional information


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24 × 1 × 1 in


24×24 , 24×36 , 24×60 , 24×120

Satisfaction Guaranteed
At Transfer Merch, we are fully committed to your satisfaction with the quality of our transfers. If you're not completely satisfied with our prints, we will promptly offer a complimentary reprint using either a new or revised file at no extra charge. We understand the importance of meeting your expectations and take pride in our quality assurance, striving to ensure that each product we deliver aligns perfectly with your vision. Your trust in our service is our top priority, and we're dedicated to maintaining it with every order.
File Requirements

To ensure the highest quality in your prints, Transfer Merch utilizes an advanced online builder. Our builder is compatible with various file formats to accommodate your design needs. We accept the following file types:

  • PDF
  • EPS
  • SVG
  • PNG (with a resolution of 300 DPI or higher)

For the best results, please ensure that

  • All files have transparent backgrounds for design integrity and clarity.
  • Avoid transparency effects in your files, including drop shadows and glow effects.
  • Transparency elements can cause inconsistencies and may not print accurately.

By adhering to these file requirements, you can help us ensure that your designs are reproduced accurately and to the highest standard. If you have any questions about preparing your files or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to help you every step of the way, ensuring your designs come to life just as you envisioned.

Pressing Instructions

For different fabric types, we provide specific time and temperature settings to achieve the best results. Here are the general instructions along with tailored guidelines for 100% cotton, cotton/poly mix, and 100% polyester:

  • Pre-Press: Optional but recommended to remove moisture. A quick pre-press can enhance the transfer quality.
  • Position Your Design: Carefully align the transfer on your item. Use heat-resistant tape for hats or when using an iron to ensure the transfer stays in place.
  • Press Settings:
    • 100% Cotton: Press at 300°F for 10 seconds with medium-high pressure.
    • Cotton/Poly Mix: Press at 265°F for 12 seconds with medium-high pressure.
    • 100% Polyester: Press at 265°F for 12 seconds with medium-high pressure.
  • Post-Press Cooling: Allow the transfer to cool 2-3 seconds before peeling.
  • Peeling: Peel from one corner gently. If parts do not adhere, repress with increased time (+5-10 seconds) or slightly higher temperature (up to 15°F increments).
  • Final Press & Wash: Cover with parchment paper or a Teflon sheet and repress for 12 seconds to enhance durability and finish. For a shiny finish, use a Teflon sheet. Wash garments inside out in cold water and use low heat for drying, or hang dry.

Remember, while transfers are robust, excessive heat can damage the garment. Always test first and adjust settings as needed for your specific heat press and fabric type.