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Elevate Your Prints with DTF Excellence

Transform your apparel with Transfer Merch’s advanced DTF printing. Perfect for businesses, designers, and fabric enthusiasts. Stand out with every thread.

Why Direct To Film Transfers?

Direct to Film (DTF) printing stands at the forefront of textile customization, offering a blend of quality, versatility, and efficiency unmatched in the industry. Here's why DTF is the choice for your apparel needs:

Prices start at
$11.99 (per sheet)

Shipping costs start from $6 per order, pricing is dependent upon location and order quantity. 

What Can You Fit On 12 Square feet?

126 Logos (3×3 inch)

42 Logos (10×3 inch)

14 Logos (10×10 inch)

You can fit any artwork and size…mix and match designs…


How Do I Order?

Follow these simple steps


Place Your Order

click the order button and select your desired qty


Upload Your Artwork

(send us all your artwork for approval)


We Print & Ship

(we print and ship in 24 hours*)

Shipping costs start from $6 per order, pricing is dependent upon location and order quantity. 

What Can DTF Transfers Be Applied To?



What file formats are best for DTF artwork?

We recommend high-resolution PNG or vector files (AI, EPS) for the best quality prints.

How should I prepare my artwork for DTF printing?

Ensure your artwork is at least 300 DPI and has a transparent background for optimal results.

Can I use photographs in my DTF designs?

Yes, photographs can be used, but they should be high resolution to maintain detail and clarity.

Are there any color limitations with DTF printing?

DTF printing offers a wide color gamut, allowing for vibrant and diverse color options.

How can I ensure the best color accuracy in my prints?

Use RGB color mode for your designs to ensure vibrant and accurate color representation in DTF prints.


What is the minimum order quantity for DTF prints?

We offer flexible order options with no minimum quantity, allowing you to order as per your needs.

Can I order a mix of different sizes in one batch?

Absolutely! You can mix and match different sizes in a single order to suit your diverse printing needs.

Is there a discount for bulk orders?

Yes, we offer discounts on bulk orders. The discount percentage increases with the quantity of your order.  Please contact us at [email protected]


How vibrant are the colors in DTF prints?

DTF prints are known for their bright and vivid colors, ensuring your designs pop on any fabric.

Will the colors fade after washing?

Our DTF prints are highly durable, retaining color vibrancy even after multiple washes.

Can I print with neon or metallic colors?

While we offer a wide color range, currently neon and metallic colors are not available in DTF printing.


How do I place an order for DTF prints?

Use our online design tool to create and customize your prints before placing an order.

Can I save my designs in the online design tool for later?

Yes, you can save your projects within our design tool to revisit and order later.

Is there a guide or tutorial for using the online design tool?

We provide a user-friendly guide and tutorials to assist you in navigating the online design tool.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal for your convenience and security.

Can I change my order after it's been placed?

Once an order is finalized, changes are not possible due to the custom nature of our prints.

How can I track my order status?

Track your order through your account on our website for up-to-date information.

What is your policy on refunds and returns?

We do not offer refunds or returns unless the product is defective, given the custom nature of our orders.

Do you offer support if I encounter issues with the online design tool?

Our 24 hour turnaround starts from when your artwork is approved by our team for printing.

Once you place your order, it is placed in the queue for artwork approval. This may take some time as all orders placed before yours will need to be approved first.

Any orders placed after 3pm on Friday until 8am Monday will be checked as quickly as possible by our team on Monday and Tuesday. Due to the sheer volume of orders placed over this time the artwork approval queue can be quite long on a Monday.

Also, orders placed after 3pm on a business day will be placed in the queue for artwork approval the next business day.

Please bear in mind that while we print your order within 24 hours of artwork approval we cannot guarantee that it will be dispatched immediately as our couriers collect our packages before 2pm (business days).We will however dispatch it as quickly as possible.


How do I apply DTF transfers to garments?

DTF transfers can be applied using a heat press. Detailed instructions are provided with your order.

What temperature should I use for applying DTF transfers?

Typically, a temperature around 320°F (160°C) is ideal, but we recommend checking the specific instructions provided.

Can DTF prints be ironed directly?

Avoid direct ironing on DTF prints. Use a protective cloth or iron inside-out.

Are DTF prints machine washable?

Yes, they are machine washable. Use a gentle cycle and wash inside-out for best results.

Should I use special detergents for DTF printed garments?

No special detergents are needed, but avoid bleach and harsh chemicals.

Can DTF printed garments be tumble dried?

Tumble dry on a low setting or air dry to preserve the print quality.

How long do DTF prints last on garments?

With proper care, DTF prints can last as long as the garment itself, retaining color and detail.

Is dry cleaning safe for DTF printed garments?

We recommend avoiding dry cleaning as it may affect the print quality.

Can DTF transfers be applied to any fabric type?

DTF works well on a variety of fabrics, but check the specific fabric compatibility for optimal results.

How soon can I wash a garment after applying a DTF print?

Wait at least 24 hours after application before the first wash to ensure the print sets properly.

DTF vs. Traditional Apparel Printing Methods

How does DTF printing compare to screen printing in terms of quality?

DTF printing offers superior detail and color vibrancy compared to screen printing, especially for complex designs.

Is DTF printing more cost-effective than embroidery?

Yes, DTF is generally more cost-effective for larger runs, as it doesn't require the same level of manual labor as embroidery.

What are the advantages of DTF over sublimation printing?

DTF can be applied to a wider variety of fabrics and colors, including dark textiles, unlike sublimation which is best on light, polyester-rich fabrics.

Does DTF printing offer faster turnaround times than traditional printing methods?

Yes, DTF printing typically has faster turnaround due to less setup time and more streamlined processes compared to methods like screen printing.

How does the durability of DTF prints compare with heat transfer vinyl (HTV)?

DTF prints are generally more durable than HTV, offering better resistance to washing and wear without cracking or peeling.



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